Lo nuevo para bajar de peso 2012 election

Lo nuevo para bajar de peso 2012 election

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He earned a bachelor's degree in political science. His first public position was as director of the Indigenous Institute of Tabasco in , in this position López, promoted the edition of books in indigenous language and the project of the chontal ridge.

He was the national leader of the PRD between and In , he was elected Head of Government of Mexico City. Often described as a populist [3] [4] [5] and a nationalist , [6] [7] [8] López Obrador has been a nationally relevant politician for more than two decades. This time, he won in a landslide victory , taking 53 percent of the vote.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

López Obrador attended the only elementary school in town, the Marcos E. Becerra school, named after the poet of the same name. In the afternoons he helped his parents at the La Posadita store.

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He started middle school in Macuspana but finished it in the state capital, Villahermosa , as in the mids the family moved, where they also opened a clothes and shoes store called Novedades Andrés. On 8 June , when he was 15 years old, his brother José Ramón López Obrador was killed by a gunshot to the head.

He studied political science and public administration at the UNAM from to He returned to school to complete his education after having held several positions within the government of Tabasco and the administration of the Institutional Revolutionary Party PRI.

In , he received his degree in political science and public administration after the presentation of his thesis, Proceso de formación del estado nacional en México Formation Process of the National State in Mexico The institution was financed by the administration of the governor of Tabasco, Mario Trujillo García by the efforts of the poet Carlos Pellicer , whom López Obrador began to discuss with.

There was empathy between the two because the young man raised his concern for the Chontal Maya. After their meeting, the poet invited him to his campaign to obtain a seat in the Senate during the elections. A baseball fan, he has stated his favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals.

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A year later, he headed the Indigenous People's Institute of Tabasco. In , he relocated to Mexico City to work at the National Consumers' Institute, a federal government agency. In , he ran for the governorship of Tabasco, but lost to PRI candidate Roberto Madrazo in a highly controversial election [ according to whom? López Obrador gained national exposure as an advocate for the rights of indigenous people when in he appeared on national TV drenched in blood following confrontations with the police for blocking Pemex oil wells to defend the rights of local indigenous people impacted by pollution.

On 2 July , he was elected Head of Government of the Federal District —a position akin to that of city mayor for the national capital district —with As mayor, López Obrador implemented various social programs that included extending financial assistance to help vulnerable groups in Mexico City, [42] [43] including single mothers, senior citizens, and the physically and mentally challenged.

Lo nuevo para bajar de peso 2012 election

He also helped found the first new university in Mexico City in three decades, the Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México. He directed the restoration and modernization of Mexico City's historic downtown , which has 16th- and 17th-century buildings and a large number of tourist attractions.

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López Obrador used fiscal policy to encourage private sector investment in housing. New high-density condos emerged in the upscale neighborhoods of Polanco and Lomas.

To improve traffic flow in the city's two main inner-city roads, Periférico and Viaducto, he added sections of second stories to their existing infrastructure. López Obrador's secretary of government Alejandro Encinas then declared that the lynching was part of the traditions usos y costumbres of the people. Later, using his constitutional powers, Fox fired Ebrard, while Martín Huerta, a member of Fox's cabinet, received a reprimand, and continued to hold the position of Secretary of Public Safety until his death in a helicopter accident.

Elected government officials in Mexico have an official immunity called fuero that prevents criminal charges from being brought against them, which can be removed through a process called desafuero. In the Attorney General 's Office asked Congress to strip López Obrador of his immunity under charges of a misdemeanor ignoring a court order. Under federal law, any person with criminal charges during the electoral process would not be eligible to run in a presidential election.

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A legal process begun in would likely have continued until the presidential campaigns of , and would therefore have ended López Obrador's ambitions of running for the presidency in His political opponents came to his defense, arguing that he should be subject to the same judicial process as anyone else.

Notable newspaper editorials throughout the world charged that the desafuero was politically motivated including The New York Times [55] and the Washington Post [56] and that it should be stopped, and that excluding López Obrador from the upcoming elections would delegitimize the eventual winner.

After Congress voted in favor of removing López Obrador's immunity, he asked for leave from his post for a few days. President Vicente Fox , wanting to avoid a political cataclysm, and knowing that the decision made by Congress was against the will of millions of people, [57] appeared on national TV in April , indicating that the issue would not be pursued any further. The controversy closed on a technicality, and López Obrador, despite the removal of immunity, was not prosecuted and thus remained eligible to compete in the presidential election.

Until March he was considered the presidential front runner by the majority of polls; however, polls in late April showed a decline in his numbers. López Obrador's proposals, including his 50 commitments , produced mixed opinions from analysts.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt as inspiration for his 50 commitments. On 19 May, Roberto Madrazo , the PRI's presidential candidate and considered by all polls to be in a distant third place, hinted at the possibility of an alliance with López Obrador to prevent Calderón from winning the election, [63] [64] after both the parties had criticized the government for what in their opinion is supposed illegal support by the federal government for the National Action Party PAN candidate's campaigning.

The PRD said that both parties entered into an information sharing agreement regarding the issue. On 28 May, after López Obrador had discounted any such alliance because the PRI and PRD political tendencies could not be reconciled, [68] Roberto Madrazo indicated that his comments had been misunderstood and that he would not step down or endorse any another candidate.

On 6 July , the Federal Electoral Institute IFE announced the final vote count in the presidential election , resulting in a narrow margin of 0. López Obrador appealed against the results who claimed there were widespread irregularities in the vote and demanded that every single vote be recounted [71] A generalized recount is only legal in extreme circumstances according to Mexican Electoral Tribunal Jurisprudence S3ELJ In contesting the election, López Obrador and his coalition made several primary arguments: a that President Fox, the CCE and other organizations had illegally interfered in the presidential campaign, which was strictly prohibited by electoral law, [75] thereby providing grounds to annul the election; that b that the votes were fraudulently tallied on 2 July and afterwards; and that c there was widespread and significant evidence of electoral irregularities, ranging from stuffed ballot boxes and inconsistent tally reports, to improper and illegal handling of the ballot trail and voter intimidation.

The Court did find that President Fox, and the CCE, a business interest group, had interfered in the elections in the form of campaigning for a given candidate, which is against campaign laws.

However, the TEPJF determined that it was not possible to accurately evaluate the influence this interference had on the election results, but estimated the impact of Fox's interference as insignificant to the results of the election.

The Tribunal stated that, similarly, it could not gauge the impact of CCE's interference. Consequently, the Court ruled that both interferences could not be considered as a sufficient judicial cause to annul the election. In reference to the allegations of fraud, the Court similarly found that there was insufficient evidence to annul the election.

López Obrador and his coalition had alleged irregularities in a large number of polling stations and demanded a national recount. In response to this result, in a move reminiscent of Francisco I.

Madero declaring himself provisional President of Mexico after calling the elections against Porfirio Díaz fraudulent, López Obrador's followers proclaimed him the Presidente Legitimo Legitimate President , inaugurated him in a ceremony in the Zócalo, and formed an alternative, parallel government. López Obrador announced his victory to his supporters on the night of the election, stating that according to exit polls he had won by , votes.

He did not cite any polls at the time, [79] later he referenced Covarrubias [80] and IMO. While the case was discussed in the Electoral Tribunal, the IFE has called for the candidates to refrain from proclaiming themselves as winner, president-elect, or president until the final resolution was taken. Both candidates disobeyed this call.

In an interview by U. López Obrador held several gatherings in downtown Mexico City with hundreds of thousands of people attending, pressuring for a "vote for vote" general recount.

On 31 July, in an act of civil disobedience, he organized the blocking of 12 kilometers of one of the most important roads in the capital, Paseo de la Reforma , which houses several important hotels, corporate main offices and the Mexico City Stock Market.

The seven magistrates voted unanimously to order the recount of 11, ballot boxes in districts 9. Therefore, by law, the TEPJF found it could order a recount of only those 71, polling stations in controversy. The TEPJF ruled that it could not order a recount of the votes not in controversy because "the certainty asked by the [López Obrador] Coalition is tied to the respect for the tallies certified by the citizens in the polling stations not in controversy.

López Obrador rejected the resolution as narrow and he and his followers thus intensified their civil resistance. For about two hours on 9 August, protesters took over the tollbooths on four federal highways.

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  • The protesters prevented personnel from charging tolls in some of these roads and allowed vehicles to pass freely. Also, hundreds of his supporters surrounded four of the main offices of foreign banks, including Citibank's Banamex, BBVA's Bancomer, and the Mexican subsidiary of HSBC, closing them for about four hours, claiming that the foreign banks "ransack the country" and "widen the barrier between rich and poor" and because, supposedly, these banks had participated in the politics of the country by supporting Calderón.

    On 8 August, López Obrador sent a message to the press, regarding the blockades, where he explained to the people, "10 reasons" in which he stands to continue the "peaceful civil resistance". López Obrador held a rally, which he called a "National Democratic Convention", on 16 September, Independence Day , when a military parade was also scheduled to be held.

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    The "democratic convention" started after the military parade. Claiming that all the country's institutions are linked and protect each other, López Obrador said that they "no longer work" and called for the creation of new ones.

    Lo nuevo para bajar de peso 2012 election

    López Obrador led a rally on the day of the state of the union speech, where sympathizers celebrated the President being prevented from delivering his speech inside the Congress chamber. We aren't going to be provoked. On 20 November , the date when the Mexican Revolution is commemorated, López Obrador's sympathizers proclaimed him the "Legitimate President" at a rally in the Zócalo in Mexico City, though no formal poll was taken. At the Convention, López Obrador called for the establishment of a parallel government and shadow cabinet.

    He also advocated the abolition or reform of several institutions, alleging they are spoiled and corrupt, and asked for changes to the constitution to ensure the institutions work "for the people", and provide welfare and assistance to the elderly and other vulnerable groups.

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    It was expected that this " alternative cabinet " would be used as a pressure mechanism to the initiatives of the government. Reactions to the "legitimate presidency" varied widely.

    An opinion by El País said that López Obrador's "lack of consideration to democratic institutions and rule of law seriously endanger civil peace in Mexico". Sixty-three percent of those polled also said that the former candidate had lost credibility. In the first few months of his term, President Calderón's announced initiatives that mirrored those of López Obrador.

    These included price ceilings for tortillas , [] in the form of a " Tortilla Price Stabilization Pact ", that protect local producers of corn , a Presidential Decree limiting the President's salary and that of cabinet ministers, and a proposal for a constitutional amendment that, if passed, would significantly lower salaries for all public servants and impose caps on their remuneration. In , the PRD held elections to renew its leadership. Allegations of fraud by both factions halted recounts and raised doubts about the legitimacy of the election.

    Media figures commented that, while López Obrador had used phrases such as "fraud", "illegitimacy", "corruption", etc.

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    Congress was also taken by legislators of the Broad Progressive Front FAP , the PRD, Labor and Convergence parties, on 10 April because of their disagreement with the Government regarding energy policy discussions, claiming they violated the Constitution. López Obrador's followers took both chambers of Congress and had them chained so nobody could enter, thus avoiding the passage of secondary laws which modified the legal framework of the Mexican national oil company, Pemex.

    Lo nuevo para bajar de peso 2012 election

    In November , he announced some of his economic proposals: []. López Obrador had been a firm critic of Felipe Calderón's military approach, and promised a further application of the law, proposing to take care of the victims of the Mexican Drug War and an emphasis on the protection of human rights in the country. He said that he was committed to increase the salaries and benefits given to law enforcement officials throughout Mexico. His security strategy was composed of ten proposals, but all of them had a major theme: organized crime cannot be tackled if the government is responsible for the "erosion of human rights".

    He also stated that if elected, he would firmly reject any intelligence activity from the United States , including money and weapons in aid. This policy would put a stop to the operations in Mexico of the Central Intelligence Agency and the Drug Enforcement Administration , including the use of unmanned drones.